Generational Builders

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Generational thinkers carry a desire to release lasting impact and blessing. We all too often base our Christianity around how we can benefit rather than committing to discover the true keys of a life that will create a generational echo. In this series you will be challenged to look beyond the norm, understand you were created for something so much more and learn how to become a generational builder.

Part One: What Generational Builders Understand

It is true that there are no long-term short cuts when one decides to build a generational life. Yet the cost, though at times challenging, will create a platform for those still to follow to build upon.

Part Two: Characteristics of a Generational Builder

Abraham without doubt was a generational builder. This message will give you five clear keys to why God named himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Part Three: A Generational Builders Response

We only get one shot at this and generational builders position themselves on the second mile. Once we stretch beyond the expected we open the door
to possibility.


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