Failure Freedom


“Freedom” – what a great word. That’s where we all want to find ourselves. But “failure” – that’s a place none of us want to be on close terms with.

Missing the mark and making mistakes are things we all walk through. The good news is that failure is not the end of anyone’s story – on the other side, there is faith, there is freedom.

“Having lost many, what I call “potential-filled years" due to a lack of understanding of failure, I now recognise that failure is the very pathway to an enlarged tomorrow. Every person that commits to living their potential, will know what it is to miss the mark. The great news is that God understands, and when we position failure as a lesson, it becomes a stepping stone for a better today and greater tomorrow.” – Paul de Jong

In Failure Freedom, Pastor Paul de Jong encourages us that when we really understand failure, we’ll unlock the ability to succeed.

“Sound and practical teaching, honest wisdom and transparency … this book was an easy read.” (Reader testimony)

“We can all learn from [Pastor Paul’s] powerful revelations on the freedom to fail … and how we can use it as fuel for our future and a greater walk with the Lord.” (Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor, Free Chapel, and New York Times bestselling author)

With compelling insight, biblical truth and personal wisdom based on experience, this inspiring real-life testimony provides a roadmap for moving through failure into freedom.

Let’s not allow failure to rob us of our God-given potential anymore. Rather, let’s see it as a stepping stone for a better today and greater tomorrow.

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