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Money. It’s one of the hardest topics to talk about. Yet too often our decisions in life are determined by money. The world encourages us to spend, spend, spend, bombarding us daily with images of what others think financial success looks like. So easily, we can become trapped and locked into a cycle of ever-increasing debt or living with “just enough”. In the end, either you manage money, or money will manage you.

“God Money & Me comes out of my personal search to discover how to break the restriction of financial lack. All too often we are led to believe that giving is the answer to experience financial breakthrough. However, you may be surprised to learn that giving alone is not the solution. For that to occur, we need to understand how giving (which I call ‘seeding’) works in combination with stewarding (tithing), saving and spending. Once activated on a foundation of biblical and personal revelation, these ingredients will help you create a future of financial freedom and blessing.” – Pastor Paul de Jong

So much more than another message on giving, God Money & Me will radically but biblically shift your mindset on money and the myths surrounding it.

Revised edition

God Money & Me has been helping churches and individuals dismantle financial roadblocks and move into abundance and the ability to bless ever since its release. Now, a revised edition has been released tackling tricky questions like the relationship between tithing and tax, with updated teaching on how to balance the key components of our finances.

“It’s so refreshing to hear the money subject being talked about so openly and scripturally in church … Thank you so much for bringing light into this area, which is such an integral part of life.” (Reader testimony)

“I've been a Christian for 10 years and haven't heard a financial message this practical or impactful in all that time.” (Reader testimony)

E-book and Audiobook versions

For those who prefer to access their reading material in different ways, God Money & Me can be purchased in e-book format via Amazon.

It’s also now available as an Audiobook (narrated by Pastor Paul) on Audible, Google Play, Audiobook Now, and other major platforms. We are also able to facilitate bulk purchasing of God Money & Me audiobook download codes for churches to gift to key leaders or teams. Please email gmm@lifenz.org so we can help you.

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